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Official App by Campania Region for Covid-19 Emergency

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The e-Covid SINFONIA App is a convenient and easy to use tool to communicate your health status to the Covid-19 emergency monitoring and control centre of the Campania Region.



The project consists of 4 interconnected systems that communicate in real time.

  • Back-end with APIs used by all systems and possibilities of interoperability with third parties.
  • Back-office from Web made for Health Management & Operators.
  • App native iOS for citizen self-monitoring.
  • App native Android for citizen self-monitoring.

Functionality for the citizen via App:

  • Introduction to using the App with clear and easy to understand tutorials.
  • Identification of the user via Email or social network account.
  • Self-monitoring health status via multiple parameters (customizable).
  • Periodic Push notifications to update health status.
e-Covid Measurements Indicators and Measurements

The system e-Covid SINFONIA is also wide customizable in every single component since it is a tailor-made platform in every part and it is not an adaptation of existing technologies (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal or other CMS/CRM).

Functionality for the Public Administration

  • Multi-factor authentication (also with OTP code).
  • Dashboard for viewing/insertion/editing citizens.
  • Overview of the citizen's health status.

Login System

e-Covid SINFONIA is realized with a login system with crittography and access also through Apple/Google or the most common social channels, in this way citizens do not need to register on the system but their data are automatically acquired and their information space will be already pre-filled. This technology guarantees maximum security as it uses consolidated encryption protocols and guarantees access only to users already verified.

Developments being implemented

The e-Covid SINFONIA system is constantly evolving, the team of NAXE engineers is working on these new implementations:

  • Reading measurement parameters via Bluetooth from enabled medical devices;
  • Integration of a video call system inside the App (based on WebRTC) with the possibility to start the call both by the back-office (control centre operator) and by the citizen;
  • Access to the App by the Medician who can view/add self-monitoring data for one of his patients;


  • App side: Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android
  • Server side: PHP with MVC architecture
  • Client side: JS (Vue), HTML, CSS
  • Database side: T-SQL with MySQL/Oracle
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