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e-Solutions by NAXE

We offer highly specialized and fully customized products.

Over the years the company has invested in the development of products and semi-finished products that can synthesize the experience matured.

These are projects that we can customize at any point according to the specific requirements of the customer.

From systems of content management are fully customizable according to the client's needs to an application framework for rapid development of applications web based, such as a dedicated platform to delivery tests and online surveys to University.

Other projects enable our customers to private and secure sharing of large files with dedicated types of permits targeted.

From solutions for tracking of documents with the use of NFC / RFID tag to the mobile solutions for the acquisition of data from all sensors, wirelessly, with the aid of components by National Instruments.

Computers themselves,
and software yet to be developed,
will revolutionize the way we learn. Steve Jobs

All our solutions are easily integrated in Cloud Computing technology for our most demanding customers.

It's possible to request more information for all our projects.

This is just a small list of projects from the NAXE Development Team.
Our team is always at work and updates are ongoing in order to develop more excellence solutions.


Content Management fully customizable according to the client's needs system. A solution always in step with the times following the highest web standards.


Platform dedicated to the provision of examinations, surveys and online questionnaires for universities.


Complete solution built to promote, facilitate and monitor the connections between students of an academy and local companies.


Platform for the exchange of large files on dedicated lines. The system enables our customers to share their files remotely and create types of permits targeted for their partners with generation of display keys, and download files.