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Hosting Service Provider.

It's very important for the future to rely on experts people.

Hosting is the business of renting the IT resources needed to make visible the site pages or in your application from any other computer connected to the Internet. To host your site, your deck or your application, we have servers connected to the Internet at high speed, it is very reliable systems that are dedicated exclusively to our customers.

For over 22 years NAXE is REGISTRAR authorized by the CNR - National Research Council (Italian Authority for Internet domains) therefore deals quickly and without intermediaries of registration and maintenance of the domain name and warrants that the Customer is the owner of a used domain names.

NAXE has its own D.P.C. (Data Processing Center) which operates in complete autonomy with optical fiber connections. The decades of experience in this business has enabled us to train highly qualified resources.

We manage RACK cabinets, and with dozens of server units connected together with the best network systems: Cisco, HP, Intel. The operating environments are based mainly on systems Linux but there are also systems built in Windows Server and other technologies for advanced virtualization.

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people. Steve Jobs

NAXE-REG - Authorized by Registro.it


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